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Accept Credit Card Transactions

Accept credit card transactions effortlessly using iStoreBuilder (UK).

Our amazing product is the result of years of research and refinement. We use it ourselves on many of our web sites.

We are always listening to our clients and refining and improving our product and of course you get all the updates FREE of charge.

So, how do you accept credit card transactions?

Its simple you can either build your complete web-site with our product or simply access the shopping cart from your existing web site.

Our product is unique in the way it allows you to access the secure payment and shopping basket features. We offer numerous ways of using our system and have managed to cater for some of the very obscure requirements.

iStoreBuilder can offer the business user two simple options which will ensure the total reliability, confidentiality and security for E-commerce trading over the Internet.

You can accept all major credit cards like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Solo, Switch over the internet.

If you currently don't have a merchant account we can help you get one or suggest alternatives.

Please note that Option- 1 is included as standard.

Option -1
This option may be used by businesses that have a Merchant Account with their banks. When goods or services are ordered, the buyer's credit card number and details will be automatically verified by the system. The merchant is then sent an automated E-mail that lists the details of the transaction. The details will include: Name and Address of the buyer, what goods or services have been ordered and the credit card details. All that is left is for the merchant to dispatch the goods and collect the funds from the bank using the normal channels. This option is provided at no extra cost.

Option- 2
Again, if you currently have access to a bank's Merchant Services System and you wish to have a secure link to use a merchant of your choice, iStoreBuilder can easily link the payments page of your site to the other named merchant. This service is also offered at no extra cost, however your bank or the credit card authorising service may charge a free to offer this service. We can also recommend to you organisations who offer this service a reliably and very cost effectively.

Merchant Accounts: This account is required to do all credit card transaction.

If you have any other requirements we will be very happy to accommodate them.

Start to accept credit card transactions now !!

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